Water retention in the landscape



Mgr. Miroslav Kubín

Miroslav Kubín is the founder of the expert platform AQUAINOVA - Innovation in the world of water. He is a graduate of the Department of Ecology and Environment at the Faculty of Science of Palacký University in Olomouc. He is currently continuing his doctoral studies.  

He has been working intensively on the issue of water retention in the landscape for five years. He is behind the design and implementation of projects in Beskydy and Ondrášov.

Štefan Vaľo

He is the founder of the civic association Water is Life. He has over 40 years of experience in earthworks, water conservation and people management. He invented a method of reclaiming old unnecessary forest paths and compacted soil in forests. His expertise is in the field of surface water retention in the landscape.

Ondřej Brož

Ondřej Brož is the founder of Water for Forest, Water for People. He graduated from the forestry apprenticeship in Bílá. As a self-employed person, he has seventeen years of experience in logging and cultivation. Ondrej is a world champion in dog sledding. In 2019 he founded the association Water for forests, water for people. Recently, he has been working intensively on the issue of water retention in forests. 

Mgr. Jan Husák

Honza Husák works as a teacher of geography and biology at the grammar school in Valašské Meziříčí and as an educator at the Museum of the Wallachia Region. He specializes in the use of technology in education and field education. He offers travel talks and a wide range of educational programmes on the topics of natural and cultural heritage, landscape and ecology. It also specializes in creating educational films from original photographs, videos and aerial footage.

Ing. Lubomír Marhavý

Lubomír Marhavý graduated from the Faculty of Mechanization at the Slovak University of Technology in Nitra.
University of Agriculture in Nitra. He worked for several years in the field of research and as a teacher at the university. Currently he is an expert consultant in the agricultural field and the managing director of a private company. Most of his work consists of technical and technological consultancy in agricultural primary production and provision of mechanisation services. Particularly in the field of soil revitalization, regeneration and remediation, biostimulation, intercropping and cover crop systems, soil conservation cropping technologies and their implementation. It directs its activities towards changing human attitudes towards soil as well as improving water management in the landscape through vibrant, healthy and fertile soils.